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Slipping Detector Professional Version

  • Model No.:9200N-RF-002
  • Made in:Taiwan
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SmartHome Elder Care : Care with elder anywhere !


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Key Features

SmartBridge Information is a system integration company, the main development of the visual approach, with smart home sensors to address the invasion of strangers, anti-theft, disaster prevention, and family care and other care, a series of product design to achieve visual Direct observation to make the correct treatment and to make family life more comfortable and at ease through the methods of care and attention.


     Have you ever thought of elders at home, alone at home, slipped in the bathroom, unable to stand up, or leave the bathroom, what to do?

The new slip incapacitation sensor will help you solve the problem of annoyance.Slip, the family is not also does not matter, through the slip sensor, can automatically detect, send an alarm and push information to you Family, let the elderly alone at home, but also rest assured.
Completely do not need to change the lifestyle of the elderly, do not need to wear any equipment. Just in the bathroom, the bedroom is the right place, slip sensor attached to help you take the initiative to detect.
Integration kit includes:
-8810S-RF IoT HD Color Video Camera * 1 < Do not place in bathroom, bedroom, it is recommended in the living room >
-9200N-RF Sliding Failure Detection Sensor * 1 < This should be attached to the bathroom, bedroom >

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