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    Baby temperature Monitor

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            SmartBridge Information is a system integration company, the main development of the visual approach, with smart home sensors to address the invasion of strangers, anti-theft, disaster prevention, and family care and other care, a series of product design to achieve visual Direct observation to make the correct treatment and to make family life more comfortable and at ease through the methods of care.


      Baby Care serial products: 9100N-RF-010
             When we feel our baby may be sick,  we are worry about high temperature.  Now, the problems will be easy to monitor baby temperature whole night.  Using IoT Cameras to link with baby temperature monitor sensor to get baby temperature.
             Product feature:
             1. Get baby temperature with contact.   Keep 30~40cm with your baby.
             2. 8860E-RF Temperature receiver .  You could watch your baby temperature anytime.
             3. High temperature accurate in +- 0.3℃.


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