Slipping Detector Dulexe VersionBaby Temperature Monitor Pack8810S-RF-001  IoT SmartHome Kit Entry version9100N-RF-010  Baby Temperature Monitor - Home versionSlipping Detector Professional Version
Slipping Detector Dulexe Version
Baby Temperature Monitor Pack
8810S-RF-001  IoT SmartHome Kit Entry version
9100N-RF-010  Baby Temperature Monitor - Home version
Slipping Detector Professional Version

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9100N-RF-001 Baby Care package
SmartBridge Information is a system integration company, the main development of the visual approach, with smart home sensors to address the invasion of strangers, anti-theft, disaster prevention, and family care and other care, a series of product design to achieve visual Direct observation to make
IoT Camera / Wi-Fi Baby Monitor -  HC8301 RF-2.4 GHz (P2P)
01.802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connection 02.H.264 Code0 3.HD720P/VGA/QVGA resolution flexible options 04.Two-way voice intercom function 05.Support SD card recording 06.Support PTZ control 07.Motion Detection 08.Voice Detection 09.Free iOS and Android operating system applications 10. 10. IoT solution optio
IoT Camera / Wi-Fi Baby Monitor -  HC8301 RF-2.4 GHz (P2P)
Small Home Internet of Things Camera / Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Supplier 01. 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connection 02. H.264 Code. 03. HD720P/VGA, QVGA resolution flexible options. 04. Two-way voice intercom function. 05. Supports SD card recording. 06. Supports PTZ control. 07. Motion Detection. 08. Voice

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"Design streamlined IoT product-solutions for our valued customers."

About Our Company

Established in 2010.
Smart Bridge Information Inc. is focused on system integration and product solution. We provide System level products with Internet-related for our valued customers.
Full IoT integration products including: IoT APP, IoT Gateway, and IoT sensors and devices. Smart Bridge Information, Inc is a cloud system integration system company to combine APP, Cloud, Embedded-system , 8Bit MCU. Our main focus is on whole system solution.

Software Development.

-Linux embedded system design capacity.
-WiFi AP/Client software development.
-Software WiFi AP mode.
-WiFi Concurrent mode AP mode and client mode with router feature.
-Google drive software development.
-Samba/CIFS/FTP software development.
-APP for Android/iOS development.
-P2P software development.
-PHP/CGI software development.
-RTSP/RTSP Push software development.
-Cloud storage development.
-Hardware Video Codec programming.
-WeChat application programming.
-Audio Codecs.